Heather St. Hilaire

Chief Creative Officer

Phone: (703) 798-6314

Email: Heather@wasingerco.com

Heather St. Hilaire Photo

Heather’s first love of Real Estate began back in 2015 when she got her license. She has worked in the front lines of a fast paced Real Estate office, managing over 200 agents, and has learned the ins and outs of all types of transactions and everything real estate. Her love of marketing, hosting events, and working more ‘behind the scenes’ within the real estate world has been a huge passion of hers. Her goal of ensuring the customer is taken care of has become her first priority, and she is devoted to giving her agents any support they need while they work tirelessly. On a more personal note, she is a top-notch home cook, is a total geek who enjoys all things science fiction/fantasy, can be found reading french cookbooks outside on most weekends, and enjoys hikes with her husband and dog Jack. One food she could never live without is potatoes!