Josh Greenhaugh

Information Technology

Josh Greenhaugh Photo

Josh is the resident information technology person.  He was born in Germany, and was raised in three different states, residing mainly in Virginia.  He earned his Eagle Scout award in 2010.

He is most comfortable dealing with computers and different types of technology.  Josh continues to study website design.

One natural habitat is a comfortable chair, food and a caffeinated beverage, listening to some video game soundtrack while working on websites.  The other habitats include a chair by a body of water, or a hammock in the woods. If he works from home, his overseer happens to be a senior Westie, who will make sure he gets scratches behind the ears, and the occasional walk.

As someone who enjoys the outdoors, he likes horticulture, hiking, canoeing, fishing, archery, and photography (ask to see the landscapes if he’s in the office!) It’s not uncommon to find him playing retro and modern video games as well.  He enjoys most classic rock, video game soundtracks, and heavy metal.

He enjoys eating various cuisines, he can recommend places to go and not go.  Two of his favorite places to eat are The Auld Shebeen in Fairfax, VA and BBQ Chicken & Beer in Centreville, VA.